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4.25 mm Round Diamond-cut AA Umba Sapphire. Item #ACC625162


Genuine Sapphire


4.25 mm Round Diamond-cut AA Umba Sapphire. Item #ACC625162

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4.25 mm Round Diamond-cut AA Umba Sapphire


Weight:0.378 CT
Color:Orange, Pink
Selling Unit of Measure:ea
Gemstone Quality:AA
Stone Enhancement Code:N
Month for Birthstone:September
Stone Hardness:9
Gem Species:Corundum
Stone RI:1.762-1.77
Stone Specific Gravity:4.00
Stone Optic Character:DR
Stone Phenomena:Asterism, Color Change, Chatoyancy (very rare)
Stone Ultrasonic Reaction:Usually safe
Steamer Reaction:Usually safe
Heat Reaction:Poor-may sometimes improve color, but may cause loss of color
Chemical Reaction:Solutions containing Borax
Major Sources:Australia, Cambodia, East Africa, India, Kashmir, Madagascar, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, United States

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