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Diamond Solitaire Elite Super comfort # Aurora-Accufine


Diamond Solitaire Elite Super comfort with 2.00 or thicker bottom shank # Aurora-Accufine- Lifetime durability warranty.

Designed with Super comfort fit Interior shank with smooth flowing style, customized center head is remarkably secured for low setting, the style can be modified for a higher setting as well. Customizing is our expertise- this ring style can be modified with any size and shape of center diamond.


14kt Gold Diamond solitaire – displayed with 1 carat diamond sold separately. 2MM or more bottom thickness, Super Comfort Fit Interior shank design with Lifetime Durability guarantee.

Available in all sizes and metal color from 14kt-18kt gold as well as Platinum. Center Diamond Option- Select the size and quality of Center diamond. Available with or without center diamond

Can be customize to fit any shape and size of gem stone.

The ring design provides stability, minimizes swirling, super comfort air grooves provides refreshing and cool feel on finger.

We have the same style available in medium weight as well.


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