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Twisted Halo Diamond Engagement ring – 3D Design – 3D printing and Casting



Design this style with your Center stone up to 2.00 Ct -We will do 3D design modification-3D Printing and Casting in desired metal for $65.

Casting metal charges per Gold price-Todays gold price $1805 per ounce- per gram casting gold cost=37.20 ( Market 14kt casting grain price at Golds refinery ) If the ring is 4.20 grams your metal casted cost=$156.25+$65 Design, 3D print and casting labor.

Finishing labor charges for this ring =$45

Diamond Setting charges $3-$4 per stone setting- Melee Diamonds are available at Wholesale prices for trade please specify the quality.

Approximately 1/3 Carat Diamonds based on $550 per carat small diamonds cost is approximately $182

Jewelers can supply their diamonds and we will set them up as well-allow two weeks for diamond setting jobs.

Center diamond at Wholesale to Consumer and not to trade.

( Larger size stones and fancy stones Design charges will be slightly higher.)


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